Welcome to McDaniel Livestock!
We're owned and operated by Eric and Erin McDaniel and our four wonderful children, Robert, Bryce, Malia, and Paisley.
Located in Hughson, California, we've been producing top quality show goats since 2014. We were fortunate to get off to a competitive start by acquiring an awesome package of 14 proven foundation females from Jim Hyer of Merced, CA. These females go back to Jim's foundation doe purchased from Harbour Livestock. Knowing that we needed a great buck to match these females, we purchased a breeding interest in Dirty Laundry, a Mock bred buck, from Brem Show Goats of Strathmore, CA. Here at McDaniel Livestock, we strive to produce heavy muscled, structurally correct, and functionally sound goats that are also stout boned, round ribbed, and shallow chested with that winning shot of eye appeal. We're pleased to offer high quality show wethers and breeding does at reasonable prices. Please give us a call next time you're in the market for a top show prospect or a functional breeding goat to enhance your herd.
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